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Worthington Dam Removal

Barren River L&D #1 and Green River L&D #5 Removal Feasibility Studies


Batavia Dam Removal

Little Beaver Creek Culvert Retrofit

Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District Dam Reoperation

Warsaw Dam Removal

Construction of a Two Stage Ditch 
Re-Establishing Populations of Two Federally Endangered Mussel Species 
West Fork River 
Benthic Mapping of the Allegheny River 
Crabapple Creek Crossing 
Freshwater Mussel Augmentation in the Blue River 
Greening the Blackwater River 
Joy Fork Low Water Crossing Removal 
McKean County Habitat Improvement Project 
Monitoring and Assessing the Translocation of Mussels in a High Priority Watershed 
North Fork Wills Creek Open Crossing 
Stockdale Dam Modular Fishway, Eel River
The Efficacy of Fall Cover Crops as they Relate to Stream Habitat and Water Quality 
Fish Passage Barrier Mitigation on Idleman's Run 
Removal of SunRay and Unnamed Dams on Conewango Creek

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